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 Car Imports to Kenya-Understanding the Market Trends

 Car Imports to Kenya-Understanding the Market Trends

The import of cars to Kenya is a booming business that has seen a steady rise in the last few years. While imports of used cars are the most dominant, there is also a growing demand for new cars imported from Japan and other countries. This article will provide an overview of the car import market in Kenya, the trends that are shaping it, and the challenges that the industry faces.

 The Kenyan Car Import Market

The Kenyan car import market is largely driven by the high demand for second-hand cars from Japan. This is mainly due to their good condition, durability, and relatively affordable price. In addition to this, the import of new cars from countries like Japan and China is also increasing as these cars are of excellent quality and have superior features compared to the local models.

In terms of sales, the majority of the cars imported to Kenya are from Japan. This is due to their low price, good quality, and wide range of models available. The Japanese car manufacturers have also been able to tap into the growing demand for new cars in the Kenyan market.

 Market Trends

The import of cars to Kenya is expected to continue its steady rise in the coming years. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for new cars that offer better features and technology compared to local models. Additionally, the import of used cars is also likely to remain strong as they are more affordable and are of good quality.

In addition, the demand for car imports is likely to increase further due to the growing middle-class population in the country. This is likely to lead to more people being able to afford cars and thus, driving up the demand for imports.

Challenges Faced by the Industry

Despite the steady growth of the car import market in Kenya, the industry still faces several challenges. For instance, the taxes and duties imposed on imports are quite high, making it difficult for importers to make a profit. Additionally, there is also the issue of counterfeit car parts, which are often of poor quality, making them unsuitable for use in cars.

Furthermore, the Kenyan government has also taken steps to limit the import of cars in order to protect the local car industry. This has had the effect of reducing the market size for car imports and making it more difficult for importers to make profits.

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